Spray Bottle Secret Safe

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The Spray Bottle Secret Safe is a perfect way to secure your valuables.
Blending into its surroundings in a multitude of situations, this diversion safe will provide you with a perfect stash spot for smaller items.
From the outside it looks like a normal spray bottle... because it is an actual spray bottle. The difference is that we have altered the interior of the bottle to contain a hidden compartment.  You can use the compartment to store jewellery, cash and any other small items that you don't want to be found by thiefs.

Spray Bottle: 7cm diameter x 22cm high
Secret compartment: 14.5cm deep X 6.5cm diameter

Colours are sent at random

The secret compartment takes up approximately 80% of the spray bottles interior.
Due to the alterations to the original item, the Spray Bottle Secret Safe is no longer water tight and therefore not suitable to fill with water.

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