Spike Additive

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Instantly neutralizes nicotine, prescription drugs and all other unwanted toxins from your urine

The smallest, most potent, undetectable urine purifier ever created to date! 

  • Quick dissolving liquid
  • Colourless
  • Odorless
  • Can not be detected once added to a urine sample.

SPIKE was formulated for the enzyme multiplied immuno-essay test (EMIT test) which is the initial screen in 99% of work places.

Please note: SPIKE is NOT effective on the more accurate gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). If you are scheduled for a GC/MS test, clear choice® offers other solutions for GC/MS testing.

Spike will not be effective on tests that have a test strip built into the collection cup.

What's included:

    2 x 1.5mL Micro Vial – ultra Small & Easy to Conceal

Each vial of SPIKE additive is effective for a sample up to 120mL(4 oz.)  For samples over 120mL you will need to use both vials of the additive.


Light / Occasional Users: Simply pour the entire content of 1 vial of SPIKE additive into your urine sample. vials of the additive.

Heavy / Daily Users: Simply pour the entire content of both vials into your urine sample.

See information sheet in images for further information.




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