Acrylic Snuff Bullet

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Acrylic Snuff Bullet

Plastic Snuff Dispenser

Crafted from acrylic plastic, this will be your go to Snuff Dispenser that delivers an even dose of your favorite snuff every time.

Small enough to carry in your pocket, purse or car glove box, the acrylic snuff bullet offers a convenient way to store and carry your snuff.

STURDY & COMPACT: Made with convenience in mind, the snuff bullet is made to fit discreetly in your pocket from robust acrylic plastic.

EASY TO USE: Twist valve allows for accurate and consistent doses. Just twist the compartment dial once and sniff.


  • Unscrew the base of the snuff dispenser
  • Remove the base
  • Fill the secret compartment with snuff,
  • Screw base back into place to seal.


  • To load and charge the snuff compartment, turn the compartment dial 180 degrees clockwise.
  • Slowly turn the dial back 180 degrees.
  • Hold the bullet vertically
  • Sniff the Snuff through the hole in the top


  • Bullet height: 47mm
  • Bullet diameter: 14mm
  • Colour sent at random
  • Material: Acrylic plastic

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