RF Signal Blocking Material

Size Guide
  • Military Grade RF signal blocking fabric
  • Dual Sided - Black on one side and Silver/ Khaki on the other
  • Radiation-Resistant and Thermally Conductive
  • 105cm wide

Application :
Used for protection from Radiation and electromagnetic fields that may be emitted from:
    • cell / mobile phone towers and radio waves
    • medical equipment using electromagnetic radiation
    • Industrial furnaces using high frequency ignition
    • Shielding and protection from any electromagnetic waves / frequencies / forces.

  • Tightly woven
  • Light weight
  • Silken feel
  • Soft and smooth to touch
  • Anti wrinkle
  • Anti fraying
  • Strong and durable

Suitable for:

Curtains - no wrinkles and creates a perfect fall without creases.

    • Curtains will help to shield your home from damaging high electromagnetic fields such as those found in overhead power lines and cell towers.
    • Being exposed to high levels of emf have been suspected to  contribute to higher rates of disease such as cancers and cell degeneration.

Anti skimming / ID theft wallets and pouches. 
    • Protects your credit cards, passports and personal details from Electroagnetic Information and Id theft.

Mobile phone pouches
    • Mobile phones will not be able to send or receive a signal once placed into a pouch made from this fabric.
    • When calling the mobile number, the caller will receive  a message based on the particular carriers policies.
    • The message will be  similar to 'this mobile is switched off or not in a mobile service area.  Please try again later.

Military / industrial information security
    • Used in the military and armed forces to make purpose built tents, rooms and protected areas providing protection from radiation and other damaging / invasive electromagnetic fields and currents
    • Product No.:  RF005
    • Composition: PET/Ni+Cu+N
    • Thickness: 0.08-0.09mm
    • Resistance: 0.03-0.05 OHM
    • Width:108CM
    • Dual Colour: copper gray, black
    • Shielding efficiency: 99.99%
    • Frequency:  70-84dB
    • Technics: Woven
    • Product Type: EMF Shielding Fabric
    • Grade:  Military
    • Width: 108cm
    • Material: Nickel Copper Polyester Ripstop
    • Metal Fibre Type: Nickel Copper
    • Colour : dual coloured - black on one side  and light copper/grey
    • Function : RFID, EMF, Electromagnetic Wave blocking
    • Name : Anti Electromagnetic Wave Emf Rfid Blocking Fabric anti radiation

Care Instructions:

    • Machine washable with cold water (below 30 degrees centigrade)
    • Do not iron
    • No bleaching
    • No chemical dry-cleaning



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1010 25 x 25mm .13g
125125 32 x 32mm .21g
1510 38 x 32mm .24g
1515 38 x 38mm .28g
175175 45 x 45mm .37g
2020 51 x 51mm .43g
3050 76 x 127mm 1.18g

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