Ninja Warrior Premium Torch Lighter

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The Warrior is the exciting first release torch lighter from up and coming new brand 'Ninja.'

Featuring a modern, contoured design and a flame that packs some serious heat, the Ninja Warrior is fast becoming a popular choice among those considered as the serious players at the very top of their game.

When asked why they chose the Ninja Warrior, our customers considered it to be much more than just another jet lighter.

'In my circle, owning a Ninja Warrior has become a measure of your social status. Everyone whose someone has one.... It sorts out the men from the boys.. and the Doers from the wannabe's' - R.Uforill, Carlton, Vic -

'The Ninja Warriors edgy style and impressive performance makes a bold statement. It says I've made it. It may have been the hard way and by my own rules, but in spite of everything, I've made it. You gotta respect that.' - Anonymous, Potts Point, NSW.



Flame Type: Jet
Flame Colour: Blue
Gas Refillable: Yes
Flame Lock Function: No
Adjustable Flame: Yes
Dimensions: 100mm x 65mm
Colour: Black


Cheeky Ninjas are proud to be the sole Australian distributor of Authentic Ninja Premium Quality Lighters.

Limited numbers of the NINJA WARRIOR jet lighter are now available.


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