Leather Money Belt

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LEATHER STASH BELT......It'll cover your ass in more ways than one!

  • One Size
  • Zippered hidden compartment
  • Made from premium quality leather
  • Perfect for jeans
  • Long, hidden compartment with zippered closure.
  • Ideal to keep money, medication or your spare key to the front door.
  • Made from premium leather with a classic style, you'll be strutting your stuff and looking good whether your in jeans or dress pants.
  • Soft touch suede like under side,
  • Belt width is 3.8cm wide.
  • Belt length is 110cm long.
  • Hidden compartment is 43cm long.
  • Black in colour
  • Buckle is a nickel colour

What do Maguyver, Inspector Gadget and Ninjas have in common?
They all have a handy belt that saves their ass when they need it most!

Heading home after a big night out, only to find you've got no taxi fare and somehow your keys are MIA? ...If only you had a secret stash that you couldn't lose and was with you wherever you went......

Enter the Stash Belt!

Made from premium leather and imported direct from USA, the Stash Belt not only looks good but it might just end up being your new best friend in times of need.

This is the Brand New Leather Black Belt which is 110cm long with a 43cm long undetectable hidden zipper pocket in the lining for keeping all your cash and small valuables safe. At 3.8cm wide, comes in black with a silver colored buckle.

  • Length to first hole: 41 inches (110 cm).
  • Space between holes: 2.54 cm
  • Number of holes: 5

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