Whip it Rio Torch Lighter

Size Guide

Latest design from Whip it!
Sleek and stylish, the Whip-It! Rio Torch features a powerful twin jet flame that is sure to please any lighter enthusiast.
The Whip it! brand prides itself on making products that are built to last, reliable and offer premium features at a competitive price.



  • Powerful twin jet flame
  • Lightweight
  • Lockable flame
  • Multi-purpose
  • Simple design but superior in function
  • Gas refillable
  • Fully ajustable flame
  • Retail Gift Box Packaging
  • Premium USA brand



  • Brand: Whip it!
  • Type : Jet flame
  • Flame: Quantity 2
  • Flame: Colour
  • Gas Refillable: Yes
  • Fuel: Butane Gas
  • Adjustable Flame: Yes
  • Lockable Flame: Yes



All measurements are approximate.
*Lighters do not come filled with gas. They need to be filled prior to lighting. Please follow lighter refilling instructions to ensure you do not damage your lighter and void any warranties.

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