Heavy Duty Powder Grinder

Size Guide

The Heavy Duty Powder Grinder transforms your coarse powders and small grains into evenly ground, fine powder.

The built in hand crank has an easy grip handle that sits neatly inside the top of the grinder. 

The self adjusting grinding wheel ensures an even pressure with every grind and makes light work of grinding large quantities.  

The built in fine mesh screen separates any coarse residue from the fine powder, allowing only the powder to enter into the attached vial.

The grinder comes complete with a vial with screw top lid. 

The vial screws into the bottom of the grinder forming a perfect seal, eliminating any product wastage.

All Cheeky Ninjas vials are suitable for use with the Heavy Duty Powder Grinder.

*DO NOT use the grinder when empty as it will damage the fine mesh screen .



  • Grinds course powders to a fine even powder
  • Hand mill operation
  • Built in mesh screen catches coarse residuals
  • Auto adjusting grinding wheel
  • Screw in vial included
  • Made from heavy duty A grade metal alloy
  • Quality machined thread
  • Parts can be separated for easy cleaning



  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Grinding wheel diameter: 44mm
  • Height: 10.7cm

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