Car Key Fob with Secret Compartment

Size Guide
  • You can even get the key cut to fit your car!
  • Use it to hold your medication, jewellery, spare cash etc
  • Keep it on your keys so it's always with you .

  • Great for clubs, pubs, festivals, holidays, trips, outings and day-to-day life.

    The Car Key Safe uses exactly the same strong, hard wearing materials as a standard car key and fob.
    This means it has the same look, size, shape, weight and feel as a standard car key,
    The metal key-blade flips out like a real car key, and the buttons depress exactly as they should.   
    The car key blade is a blank and you could potentially get it cut  to match your car
  • It is virtually impossible to open without knowing the correct technique.
    Your valuables will be safe inside until you decide to open it.
  • Our design DOES NOT REQUIRE A SCREWDRIVER OR TOOLS TO OPEN -just follow the instructions to easily open the secret, hidden compartment when you need
**Comes fitted with a key blank.  You can also insert another car key into the key holder to make it more authentic



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