Troubleshooting Your Scales

If your digital scales aren't working quite as they should, please consult your scales User Manual first to find a solution.

Your manual contains instructions for use, model specifications and a troubleshooting guide to assist you in finding solutions to common problems.

Prior to returning your scales to the manufacturer to make a warranty claim read the following trouble shooting guide.



  • Ensure your batteries are fully charged. If you are unsure, please insert new batteries in your digital scale.
  • Ensure the batteries are inserted the correct way. Each scales battery compartment has markings to indicate which end positive and negative are to be placed.



All digital scales are calibrated by the factory prior to shipment. From time to time your scales will need to be re calibrated according the manufacturers instructions. As a general rule, the more accurate your scale capacity is, the more often it will need calibrating. The calibration of a scale can be effected by the following:

  • Transit - whether that be by mail, by hand or any other means.
  • Gravity - scales are a precision instrument that rely on the force of gravity to be calibrated correctly. The force of gravity can vary from one place to another.
  • Drafts and vibration - wind pressure and even the slightest movement can affect the accuracy of your scales.



Scales showing signs of abuse or lack of care e.g. has a broken platform, has lost its battery cover, has dents or cigarette burns, has batteries that have been allowed to leak, is rusty or has been immersed in water; will not be eligible for a claim against the manufacturers warranty. The manufacturers warranty covers faults that occurred in the manufacturing process only and not day to day wear and tear.



Scales that have been used with or contaminated with unknown substances or substances that are illegal or hazardous will not be accepted for return. It is illegal to accept or handle items of this nature and any items returned to us that are suspected of being contaminated in this manner will be disposed of immediately and will be deemed not eligible for a replacement.



Please note the maximum capacity of your scale. The manufacturers warranty will be voided if your scale has had a weight placed on it greater than its maximaum capacity. This includes but is not limited to incidences of a weight being placed on the weighing platform, the scales being sat on or being dropped.



Please ensure you have your original sales receipt and that the date of sale cofirms that your scale is still within the manufacturers warranty period. The manufacturer may ask that proof of purchase be provided when making a warranty claim.



If your scales' issue persists after consulting the manual, you may need to make a warranty claim. 

You must return your scales to the manufacturer to be assessed for a warranty claim. Resellers and retailers are not authorized to accept or assess items against the manufacturers warranty.

 A digital scales warranty length and conditions with vary between each scale manufacturer. Please check the manufacturers website for warranty details specific to your brand of scales and how to make a warranty claim.

You can find out how to make a warranty claim and seek further support by clicking on the links below.



On Balance and Myco digital scales are covered by a 3 year warranty.
For product support and warranty information please visit

Download On Balance Scales User Manuals here.



Fuzion Global provide a 10 year warranty on all scales.
To make a warranty claim, please visit Fuzion Global. 

Contact Fuzion Global for support and further information.



WeighMax customer support offer a live chat service to assist you to solve any issues you may be having with your digital pocket scales. 

If you you're still having problems, you'll find all the information you need to make a claim on the WeighMax Warranty page.



Product support and warranty information for ProScale digital scales can be found at


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