Bic Lighter Stash

Size Guide
  • Hand-crafted from 2 Bic lighters!
  • Same size as a regular Bic lighter.
  • Sparks but won't light.
  • The bottom pops off to reveal a secret compartment to stash your valuables

The Cheeky Ninjas Bic Stash Lighter Difference

    Most of the other Bic Stash Lighters advertised have the bottom 5mm cut off in order to make the secret compartment.  Many are also mass produced in China and don’t spark like a real Bic Lighter.

    Cheeky Ninjas Bic Stash Lighters

    • are made from 2 authentic Bic Lighters
    • are exactly the same size as a regular Bic lighter.  
    • spark like a regular lighter
    • are hand-crafted by one of our Ninjas in Australia.
    • has a larger stash compartment!


    Finding it hard to open your secret compartment?

    The compartment opens and closes using air compression. Opening the compartment may take some practice at the start.

    If the compartment is too firm for your liking or too hard to open or close, take a medium grade piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the edges of the pop-out bottom. 


    Do not over sand the edges as this will make the bottom too loose and prone to falling out.



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