Eztest Drug Testing Kits


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Ez Test kits are all about harm reduction.  We realise that un-regulated recreational drugs need to be tested, so you know what you have bought is what you think it is.  The reality is that you are going to take it anyway so you may as well test it.  Eztest drug testing kits are an effective tool to test the purity of a drug and also identify adulterants and other dangerous substances often found in street drugs.


Apple Mini Ziplock Bags Size Chart




1010 25 x 25mm .13g
125125 32 x 32mm .21g
1510 38 x 32mm .24g
1515 38 x 38mm .28g
175175 45 x 45mm .37g
2020 51 x 51mm .43g
3050 76 x 127mm 1.18g

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