Cracking down on counterfeiters - How to detect a fake Smoke Alien Kit

June 05, 2018

Reports of fake SMOKE Vaporizers have increased in recent months, showing an ever growing number of disappointed and angry customers who have been conned by counterfeiters into buying cheap Smoke Alien Kits that are all show and no go. 


So how do you ensure you don't end up out of pocket and a hand full of useless plastic after forking out your hard earned cash for the latest and greatest Alien Kit from Smoke? 

Read on for Cheeky Ninjas take on the fakes.

Considered a world leader in quality vapourizer products, Smok are taking an uncompromising stand against counterfeiters by not only bringing legal action on those suspected of selling the poor quality replicas of their products but also by educating their customers with a complete guide on how to tell the genuine Smok Alien kit from its cheap and nasty imitation.


Genuine Smok Alien Kit vs the Immitators



Smok ensure their products adhere to strict manufacturing and packaging guidelines, with no tolerance of deviation in quality.  Fake products are often packaged in poor quality packaging.  Genuine Smok packaging is sealed at the back of the product providing a sleek and tailored look to its most popular vapouriser.  As the picture below shows, the cheap imitations fail in their attention to detail, sealing their thin plastic covering at the front.


Product Exterior

Known for their cutting edge designs, Smok impress fans with a multidimensional textured finish and matte colouring.    The imitations sadly lack the quality finish of the authentic Smok products and only offer a smooth somewhat distorted, checkered design lacking in both texture and quality finishing.



In order to cut their costs, counterfeiters use cheap material and a crude, poorly copied model to manufacture their products.  As the pictures show below, there is little concern for adhering to the high safety standards of the real Smok Alien Kit or even ensuring that vital parts are in the right place.


 Customers buying Smok brand vapourizers within Australia can be assured they are buying a genuine Smok Alien Kit by ensuring their chosen product is branded with the Trio's logo.  The Trios name has been associated with offering customers genuine quality products for years and for them to apply their name to anything, you know it has to be good.


"Cheeky Ninjas customers can rest assured that Cheeky Ninjas are certified dealers of authentic Smok vapourizers and genuine replacement parts.

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